The Pri Megadim 695 says that one has to educate his son in the mitzvah of mishloach manos. It stands to reason that the same obligation would apply to matanos l’evyonim. If the son has no money of his own, does the father do the mitzvah for him as we see regarding the mitzvah of tzitzis? Regarding tzitzis, the father buys it for his son. However, over here, should the father be makneh the money to his son as a part of chinuch so he can do the mitzvah properly? 

When it comes to the mitzvah of tzedaka, the Rema in Yoreh Deah 251:3 says that one’s own livelihood comes first and if one can’t afford to give tzedaka because he doesn’t have enough for himself, then he is not required to give. 

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We see a difference between tzedaka and other mitzvos. In the scenario where one can’t afford a mitzvah he is still required to do it; however, he just becomes pattur because he is an “ones”. In contrast, regarding the mitzvah of tzedaka, if a person has no money, he is bichlal not chayev to do the mitzvah

In the case of a father being mechanech his son to give tzedaka, if the son doesn’t have his own money, then the son is pattur and there would be no chiyuv for the father to be makneh money to him. 

The case of mishloach manos and matanos l’evyonim may be different. The Gemara and Shulchan Aruch both discuss that if one doesn’t have enough to give, he may exchange his meal with another person and thereby fulfill the obligation of the mitzvos of Purim. We see that this is a mitzvah everyone is chayev, even if one doesn’t have money. If one can’t do it, he would be considered an “ones.”  In the scenario of chinuch it would seem that the father would have the obligation to be makneh money and food to his child so that he should be able to be mekayem the mitzvos of Purim.  

We see the best gift is the gift of education. 

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