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Bikur Cholim of Baltimore

@ Sinai Hospital of Baltimore: kosher hospitality room located just off the Blaustein lobby.
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Phone: 410-999-3700
Email: info@baltimorebikurcholim.org
URL: http://baltimorebikurcholim.org/default.aspx

Hachnosas Orchim apartments

Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Phone: (410)764-6384
URL: http://

Halfway-to-Sinai Ayshel Avraham is open from Shavuos through Succos. If you're walking to Sinai Hospital or Levindale on Shabbos or Yom Tov, stop in to rest your feet and have a cold drink.

on the porch at 3000 Glen Avenue (corner Key) or 5932 Cross Country Blvd (corner Simmonds)
Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: For further information, please call 410-466-3132.
URL: http://