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Baltimore, MD - June 25, 2024 - Summer Free Food for ALL Children 18 and under USDA SFSP Every Tuesday. Convenient Location. Click on the graphic below for a larger, printable version.
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Baltimore, MD – June 23, 2024  - (BJL) It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Louis Lerner, z’l, father of Dr. Shaya (Brenda) Lerner.Highland Park:Shiva through Monday at 702 Abbott Street, Highland Park, NJ 08904.Monday:Shacharis: 7:10AM  Visiting 9:30AM-12Noon, 2:00PM-6:30PM Mincha/Maariv: 8:20PMBaltimore:Shiva will be observed in Baltimore beginning Tuesday morning through Friday, June 28, at 6010 Baywood Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21209The family respectfully requests no visitors from 12:00 Noon-2:00PM, 6:30PM-7:30PM and not after 10:30PM.Minyanim (Baltimore):Shacharis: 8:00AMMincha/ Maariv: 8:30 PMMincha Erev Shabbos: 2:30PM - visitors until 3:00PMBila HaMaves LaNetzach…
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Baltimore, MD – June 24, 2024  - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Jonathan Kaplowitz, z'l, brother of Dr. Yitzy Kaplowitz (917-842-7398). The levaya will be graveside, Monday, June 24th at New Montefiore Cemetery 180 Wellwood Ave West Babylon, NY, 11704. The procession will begin at 2:45 from the main office.  Shiva will be observed at 290 Dolphin Dr. Woodmere, NY, 11598, through Sunday morning, June 30, 2024.Shacharis: 8:00AMMincha/Maariv: 8:20PM Bila HaMaves LaNetzach…
Jerusalem, Israel - June 25, 2024  - The Supreme Court on Tuesday morning published its decision regarding the Draft Law. In its decision, which was unanimous, the Supreme Court wrote that, "At this time, there is no legal framework which allows differentiation between yeshiva students and others who are eligible for enlistment." Earlier this month, the Supreme Court convened, with a panel of nine judges, to discuss petitions demanding the conscription of yeshiva students due to the lack of legislation on the matter, as well as the revocation of budgets from yeshivas that do not enlist their students. The decision follows a statement by Israel's Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara, which claimed that the government will not be able to provide support to yeshivas who...
Gaza media are reporting that the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has been killed together with her family in an IDF strike in Al-Shati. Arab media on Tuesday morning reported that IDF strikes in Al-Shati in western Gaza eliminated the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. The reports also said that 13 people were killed in the strike, nine of whom are Haniyeh's family members. Earlier this year, three of Haniyeh's sons were killed in an aerial strike on a vehicle in Al-Shati. They were identified as Amir Haniyeh, a cell commander in the Hamas military wing, Mohammad Haniyeh, a military operative in the Hamas terrorist organization, and Hazem Haniyeh, also a military operative in the Hamas terror organization. Haniyeh himself lives in Qatar and is father to 1...
US President Joe Biden’s Mideast envoy, Amos Hochstein, warned Lebanese officials last week that his country would not be able to stop Israel from invading should Hezbollah continue its attacks, the Axios news site reports, citing a US official, an Israeli official and a Western diplomat close to the matter. Hochstein was in Lebanon last week calling for the “urgent” de-escalation of cross-border exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and Israel, raging since the start of the Gaza war. He also visited Israel and held talks in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as opposition leaders. During his meeting with Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri, a Hezbollah ally, Hochstein reportedly asked for a message to be sent t...
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Baltimore, MD – June 25, 2024  - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Mrs. Toba Rabinowitz, a’h, sister of Batsheva (Shevy) (Tzvi/Howie) Friedman. The Levaya is expected to take place 9:45 AM today, Tuesday, June 25 at The Chapel, 613 Ramsey St., Lakewood, NJ 08701, with Kevurah in Eretz Yisroel. Shiva details to follow. Bila HaMaves LaNetzach…
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi has said the military is getting close to defeating Hamas’s Rafah Brigade. “We have very significant achievements in the fighting in Rafah,” Halevi said during a visit to the city in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday, in comments released now. “This is reflected in the number of terrorists killed, as well as in the destroyed infrastructure [and] tunnels,” he said. Halevi said the IDF’s control of the so-called Philadelphi Route on the Gaza-Egypt border is “very, very significant.” He said it closes Hamas’s “oxygen pipeline for future smuggling.” “We are clearly approaching the point where we [can] say we dismantled the Rafah Brigade. It is defeated not in the sense that ther...
Agudath Israel of America commends California Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislative leaders for providing a record $80 million per year to protect Jewish and other at risk nonprofits in the 2024-2025 budget bill that will be passed later this week. Since its inception in 2015, the California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program has proven to be a crucial tool in securing hundreds of institutions and community organizations that face violent attacks and hate crimes due to their ideology, beliefs, or mission. The program was strengthened in 2023 through passage of AB 1185 (Gabriel), a bill strongly supported by Agudath Israel, which also allowed the grants to be used for community infrastructure, thus enabling multiple sites to be connected and equipped with critical public safety t...
US Air Force General Charles Brown, who serves as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has warned that the US will have a hard time aiding Israel in the event of a war against Hezbollah. According to Brown, Iran will provide significantly more support to Hezbollah than it provided to Hamas, "particularly if they felt that Hezbollah was being significantly threatened." He also warned that due to the type of weapons Hezbollah uses, the US will not be able to provide the same level of assistance to Israel during the war. According to the Associated Press, Brown said that the US has warned Israeli officials "to think about the second order of effect of any type of operation into Lebanon." He also urged them to consider how such a war "might play out and how it impacts not just t...
Parsha Hashavua
Rabbi Zvi Teichman - You Never Know !(Parshas Beha’aloscha)

A traumatic episode between the members of the royal family of Amram transpires this week. 

Miriam, the heroic and devoted sister of Moshe, gets wind of Moshe separating from family life with Tzipporah, his loyal wife. Suspecting that Tzipporah has been left isolated and abandoned, she counsels with her holy brother Aharon sharing her dissatisfaction with the leader of the Jewish nation, their youngest brother, and his behavior. 

Speculating that perhaps his physically distancing from Tzipporah is due to his spiritual stance as a prophet that justifies his always maintaining a level of purity which will be compromised by intimate contact with his wife, she questions why then she and Aharon is, who are also prophets, not similarly prohibited. 

G-d angered, responds by distinguishing between Moshe’s heightened state of prophecy, and their lesser degree of connectivity. Miriam is punished with leprosy for her slander against Moshe, enduring a seven-day isolation, with the entire camp ceasing their journey, waiting for her to be cured and return, before traveling again. 

In this entire episode there is a glaring omission of one character, Tzipporah. 

Did anyone inquire about her feelings? Was she upset with her fate as a lonely spouse, lacking a bond with her esteemed and no doubt loving husband? Are we to sympathize with Tzipporah and her plight? 

The Midrash describes the sequence of the unfurling emotions. 

In an earlier episode Moshe is frustrated with the gripes of the people. They are constantly dissatisfied and pining for pleasures they miss. Moshe appeals to G-d for assistance in managing this restless folk. G-d concedes asking Moshe to gather seventy elders who will be conferred of the spirit of Moshe, becoming prophets, fortifying them in their ability to effectively communicate the message of G-d to the nation. 

The Midrash reports how the people celebrated this event by lighting candles. Miriam observing this inquires of Tzipporah as to the nature of these candles. Tzipporah reveals to her that the people are celebrating the newly appointed elders. Upon hearing this great news Miriam expresses ‘how fortunate are the wives of these elders that have merited to see their husbands attain שררה, leadership roles.’ 

Tzipporah reacts to Miriam’s joy by bemoaning these women’s fate, saying “Woe to them who will no longer be with their husbands.” 

Miriam baffled by her response inquires how she knew that to be true, to which Tzipporah goes on to reveal to her, how since the day Moshe ‘was sanctified through his communication with G-d’ they have been separated from family life. As soon as Miriam hears this, she goes off to Aharon to take matters into her own hands. It would now seem that Tzipporah was actually the initiator of the resulting discontent that led to the sad conclusion. 

Not quite the silent player. 

If indeed Tzipporah was unhappy with her lot, then how come there was no evidence of it prior. The simple understanding according to the Talmud was that this parting of ways between Moshe and Tzipporah was already implemented after the giving of the Torah. Nearly a year has gone by before the catalyst for this discussion, the appointing of the elders, develops. Could the sensitive Miriam not have picked up on Tzipporah’s unhappiness until first now?  

There is another nuance in the dialogue between Miriam and Tzipporah that needs to be addressed. 

When Miriam relates to Tzipporah the significance of the candles lit in honor of the women’s husbands’ selection, it emphasizes their glee in seeing their men rise to שררה, positions of ‘authority’. Wouldn’t ‘greatness’ be more of an appropriate achievement, or perhaps ‘holiness’ having now been elevated to the exalted status of prophet? 

I would like to boldly suggest that Tzipporah, who certainly sacrificed much in her role of the greatest prophet who ever lived, never batted an eyelash when that opportunity came here way. She was devoted to the will of G-d unfailingly and happily, even if it meant forfeiting a more material aspect of her life with Moshe. Just as the pain of childbirth will always be there, the dividend makes it all worth it. So too, Tzipporah would remain the loyal wife of Moshe who as a couple no doubt epitomized the ideal of שכינה שרויה ביניהם, The Divine Presence dwells between a man and his wife, even lacking a component that might be a necessity for others. 

But she knew that not everyone can achieve that; she understood the sacrifice as none other did. When hearing from Miriam that they were rejoicing over their ‘men’s prominence’ as leaders, perhaps she sensed that it would take a much more heightened appreciation for the role they obtained in order to be satisfied and happy even if they would lose the intimacy of their husbands. 

It was truly Tzipporah’s great character that felt deeply for these noble women, sympathizing with the challenge they would face, that is being portrayed here. She clearly was totally at peace and happy with her lot, never betraying that sense of privilege in the manner she continued to act with others. 

It was Miriam’s misreading of Tzipporah’s comment, blinded by her misunderstanding of Moshe’s truly elevated status, that devolved into slander. 

There is an ancient kabbalistic tradition that there are ‘three revealed couples’ who are buried in the Me’aras HaMachpelah, and ‘two hidden’ ones. (ספר התמונה) 

The three are Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchok and Rivkah, Yaakov and Leah, and the two not as evident, Adam and Chavah, Moshe and Tzipporah. 

Although we are told Moshe was physically buried elsewhere in Mount Nevo, there are mystical attempts to explain this assertion according to kabbalah. 

Perhaps the message within this notion is that one should never make assumptions. Miriam did and ended up being taken to task for it. 

You never know. 

What might have appeared to be an imperfect marriage, turned out to be eternalized, together with the world’s first couple, as the paradigm of a perfect union as outlined in G-d’s original plan, despite apparent deficiencies. 

You never know! 


צבי יהודה טייכמאן

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Baltimore, MD - June 24, 2024  - The Baltimore County Police Department is hosting a steering wheel lock pop-up event on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, to provide free steering wheel locks to Baltimore County residents who own a Hyundai with a standard "turn-key-to-start" ignition. The event will be held at Security Square (former Sears), 6901 Security Blvd., 21244. Steering wheel locks will be distributed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or until supplies last. 
Eight State Delegates have called upon the Maryland Supreme Court Chief Justice and Governor Wes Moore to impose a springing order on ICE detainers due to violent crimes at the hands of convicted, dangerous, violent illegal migrants known with ICE detainers in the state. According to a letter sent Friday, June 21, the Delegates requested that judges be strongly encouraged to impose a springing order or take similar action to ensure that these dangerous criminals are not released into Maryland communities but are instead processed and deported by ICE. The Delegates mention that the tragic and unnecessary death of Rachel Morin in Harford County has profoundly impacted Marylanders and the entire nation. "This mother of five was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal alien from El Salvad...
SimchasSimchas Simcha
Efrat, Israel - June 24, 2024  - I never thought, after sitting on Associated Federation Community Boards of Directors in Baltimore for 29 consecutive years, I would write this: The October 7 massacre changed me and it should change how our federations and Jewish communal organizations deal with tikkun olam. Tikkun olam has always been part of my holistic Jewish being, my Jewish lens, and my essence. My parents were Holocaust survivors. Although my parents sent me to a yeshiva from kindergarten through 12th grade, they had to work on Shabbat and I grew up within their friend’s non-religious Holocaust survivor culture. My parents worked many hours in their corner grocery store; Mae Hedgpeth, a kind and gentle southern Black housekeeper, was there every day after school...
Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), today lamented the decision by Hebrew Union College (HUC), the flagship seminary of the Reform movement, to admit and ordain rabbinical candidates in interfaith relationships. This comes after the board of HUC dropped its ban prohibiting students from being in a relationship with a person of another faith. “This is another step along the long, sad path towards oblivion for Reform, and all Jewish movements not guided by Torah and millennia of Jewish wisdom,” observed CJV Midwestern Regional Vice President Rabbi Ze’ev Smason. “They’ve proceeded from accepting patrilineal descent to officiating at same-[gender] unions, to ordaining rabbis in same-[gender] unions, to authorizing rabbis to conduct intermarriages. S...
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
Baltimore, MD - June 24, 2024  -  Average gasoline prices in Baltimore have fallen 12.2 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $3.49/g today, according to GasBuddy's survey of 663 stations in Baltimore. Prices in Baltimore are 17.9 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and stand 5.7 cents per gallon higher than a year ago. The national average price of diesel has risen 2.4 cents in the last week and stands at $3.76 per gallon. According to GasBuddy price reports, the cheapest station in Baltimore was priced at $3.20/g yesterday while the most expensive was $3.99/g, a difference of 79.0 cents per gallon. The lowest price in the state yesterday was $3.09/g while the highest was $4.49/g, a difference of $1.40/g. The national average price of gasoline has risen 0.3 cen...
Defense Yoav Gallant met today (Monday) with Senior Advisor to U.S. President Biden, Amos Hochstein. During the meeting, the two discussed the actions required to achieve a framework that enables the safe return of Israeli communities to their homes in the north. Minister Gallant reiterated his commitment to changing the security situation on the border. Minister Gallant told Hochstein that the transition to “Phase C” in the war in Gaza will impact developments on all fronts, and that Israel is preparing for every scenario both militarily and diplomatically. Gallant, who is in Washington, met yesterday (Sunday) with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “Great discussion with Senator Lindsey Graham about the importance of ongoing US support as we work to bring the hostages hom...
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Baltimore, MD - June 24, 2024  - In consultation with the U.S. Coast Guard and out of an abundance of caution, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) is holding traffic temporarily at the Bay Bridge for approximately 15-30 minutes today between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, as the M/V Dali passes beneath the bridge on its way to Norfolk. Four tugs are escorting the Dali to provide anchoring support along its entire Norfolk journey. Travelers are advised to contact 1-877-BAYSPAN (229-7726) or follow us on X/Twitter at for real-time updates during this event.
Thailand will resume sending agricultural workers to Israel this week after an eight-month hiatus, the Thai labor ministry says, with a target of having more than 10,000 of its citizens working in the country by year’s end. Around 30,000 Thai laborers had been working in the agriculture sector, comprising one of the largest migrant worker groups in Israel, before the conflict broke out last October. Caught in the fighting when terrorists attacked Israel on October 7, 39 Thais were killed and 32 were taken hostage, according to the Thai government. Six of them are believed to remain in captivity. “The government asked for the cooperation of the Israeli government to help emphasize to employers to take care of the safety of Thai workers,” the labor ministry says. The f...
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Baltimore, MD – June 24, 2024  -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Baruch Gordon on the birth of daughter.     יה"ר שיזכו לגדל בתם לתורה, לחופה, ולמעשים טובים. אמן
Anti-Israel protesters have gathered outside the Adas Torah Synagogue in the Pico-Robertson section of Los Angeles where an Israel real-estate fair is taking place. According to reports from the scene, the protesters have surrounded the synagogue and are preventing Jews from entering. In one video, protesters, their faces covered by "Palestinian" keffiyehs, are seen linking arms by the entrance of the house of worship. Pro-Israel counterprotesters are also at the scene. A page on X named "Jews Fight Back" called on the community to protect the synagogue, stating: "We need to gather in overwhelming numbers to ensure our community is not left defenseless." It added: "Bring your friends, your family, and your passion. Fly your Israel and American flags proudly. Let's unite and show o...
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