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Baltimore, MD - July 15, 2024 - Summer Free Food for ALL Children 18 and under USDA SFSP Every Tuesday. Convenient Location.
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Baltimore, MD – July 13, 2024  - It is with regret that we inform the community of the petira of Mr. William Wealcatch, z’l, husband of Mrs. Noemie Wealcatch, father of Rabbi Shaul (Michelle) Wealcatch, Rabbi Yitzchok (Tirza) Wealcatch, Rabbi Yaakov (Chavi) Wealcatch, Dr. Shmuel (Malki) Wealcatch, Chaim (Aviva) Wealcatch,  Moshe (Shirah) Wealcatch, and Rabbi Avi (Miriam) Wealcatch.Shiva will be observed through Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Noemie Wealcatch, 6701 Park Heights Avenue, Unit 1E, Baltimore, MD 21215 beginning with Shacharis at 8:00AM on Monday.  .PARKING:Please note: With permission, the parking lot at Rabbi Taub’s Arugas HaBosem is available for overflow parkingShacharis: 8:00AM Mincha/Maariv: 8:15pm. Shiva will be open throughout the d...
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Baltimore, MD  - July 15, 2024 :Dear Friends,You have been there to show your support and show you care over the past three years.Thank G-d, three suspects have pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing. The fourth suspect has been arrested and will stand trial this week.Your presence is key to showing our community's stance against armed carjackings.Below are the details of the scheduled trial.Date: Starting this Wednesday, 7/17Time: 1:00 PMLocation: Courtroom 540 (Elijah E. Cummings Courthouse, 111 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202)The trial will likely last at least three days. You're welcome to join for any part of it. Thursday and Friday sessions will likely be from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.Rides are available. Please reach out with any questions. This is an oppo...
Tech billionaire Elon Musk said he will commit $45 million per month to a new political action committee backing former President Trump, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Musk’s announcement comes on the same day Trump was named the Republican Party’s official nominee and after he named Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) as his running mate. America PAC will primarily focus on voter outreach and registration efforts, the Journal reported, with the intention to combat Democrats’ traditionally strong similar campaigns. Other notable backers of the PAC include the Winklevoss twins, tech entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale, former ambassador to Canada and Kentucky Senate candidate Kelly Craft and her husband, coal executive Joe Craft...
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Baltimore, MD – July 9, 2024  - It is with deep regret and sorrow that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Mrs. Laya Hochberg, a’h, mother of Rabbi Dovid Hochberg, Rabbi Ephraim Hochberg and Mrs. Bracha Soltz.  The levayah will be held at Levinson's on Wednesday, July 10th, at 10:30AM. Click here to watch the Livestream.The aron will pass by Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok (Torah Institute) on the way to the Agudah Cemetery, 6300 Hamilton Avenue Rosedale, MD, 21237Shiva will be observed at 5940 Cross Country Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21215The family respectfully requests no visitors from 12:30-2:00pm, 6:00-7:00pm, and after 10:00pm (Motzaei Shabbos visiting until 11:00PM)Minyanim:Shacha...
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Baltimore, MD – July 11, 2024  - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Fay Klempner, a’h, mother of Bruce Klempner, Eric Klempner, and Laurie Klempner. Shiva will be observed through Thursday, July 18, at 2515 Lightfoot Drive, Baltimore, MD, 21209 beginning Sunday morning.After Shacharis, the family will be receiving visitors from 3 pm until 9 pm. Minyanim: Shacharis:  Sunday  8:00 am,  Monday - Thursday  7:00 am Mincha/Maariv  Sunday - Wednesday 8:10 pm The family respectfully requests no visitors after 9:30 pm. Bila HaMaves LaNetzach…
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President Joe Biden has ordered the U.S. Secret Service to protect independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. Kennedy is a longshot to win Electoral College votes, much less the presidency. But his campaign events have drawn large crowds of supporters and people interested in his message. Trump was not seriously injured in the shooting over the weekend in Pennsylvania. There is an independent review of the attack.
Former President Trump has chosen Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) as his running mate for the 2024 election, tapping the first-term Ohio senator and America First firebrand to join the Republican ticket. Vance has emerged in recent months as one of the most visible defenders of the former president. Allies have praised him as an articulate voice of the populist conservative movement who has built a strong personal relationship with Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., and Vance will likely be a fierce and willing attack dog in the bruising campaign to come. The selection of Vance also comes at a critical moment in the election, just days after Trump was nearly assassinated during a rally in Butler, Pa. Trump has seized on the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee as a moment to ral...
Baltimore, MD – July 15, 2024 - 3:25PM - A serious accident involving a dump truck and an SUV on I-695 at Greenspring Avenue is blocking all northbound lanes of traffic.
Baltimore, MD - July 15, 2024 -  Average gasoline prices in Baltimore have fallen 2.2 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $3.55/g today, according to GasBuddy's survey of 663 stations in Baltimore. Prices in Baltimore are 6.2 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and stand 0.6 cents per gallon higher than a year ago. The national average price of diesel has risen 2.3 cents in the last week and stands at $3.83 per gallon. According to GasBuddy price reports, the cheapest station in Baltimore was priced at $3.29/g yesterday while the most expensive was $3.99/g, a difference of 70.0 cents per gallon. The lowest price in the state yesterday was $3.24/g while the highest was $4.15/g, a difference of 91.0 cents per gallon. The national average price of gasoline has risen ...
Parsha Hashavua
Rabbi Zvi Teichman on Parshas Chukas: Love and War

The Torah refers to an account recorded in 'the Book of Wars of G-d; "את והב — The gift of בסופה — [the Sea] of Reeds and the rivers of Arnon; the outpouring of the rivers when it veered to dwell at Ar, and leaned against the borders of Moab. And from there to the well — it is the well of which G-d said to Moshe. 'Assemble the people and I shall give them water.' Then Israel sang this song; "Come up, O well! Call out to it!"

This miracle, which is equated in its greatness to the splitting of the Sea of Reeds is described in both the Midrash and the Talmud. From a composite of both sources, we can gather the following. (ברכות נה רש"י בשם התנחומא)

There was a deep and very narrow gorge between two high mountains. The route of the Jewish people was to pass through this road that separated the borders of the Amorites, and the Moabites.

The Amorites plotted to ambush the Israelites by coming out of the caves they carved into the mountain above them and killing them with arrows and catapult stones."

Directly opposite these crevices on the Moabite side of the valley, were protrusions from the mountain on the Amorite side.

Unbeknownst to the Moabites was the fact that the Aron which traveled in front of the Israelites would flatten the mountainous terrain before them to enable the Israelites to travel evenly.

Prior to the flattening of the mountains, the mountain on the Amorite side moved toward the mountain of Moab, with the projections entering the caves, crushing and killing the hiding Amorites.

The Ark subsequently flattened the mountains with the Israelites marching forward, above the now flattened mountains, without ever realizing what had transpired. After they passed the mountains, the mountains returned to their former height and position, with the blood, arms, and limbs of the Moabites flowing down from the caves into the valley.

The well of water that had accompanied the Israelites entered the valley, retrieving the gory evidence, displaying it around the camp, compelling them to burst out in song over the discovery of this remarkable miracle.

The greatness of this miracle was clearly the message that G-d in His devoted love saves us from our enemies even when we are totally unaware of their plots.

I would like to believe that the public exhibiting of the bloodied arms and limbs was not intended to placate the Israelites raging hatred for the enemies.

G-d operates, as He did in the splitting of the Reed Sea, with precision in dispensing punishment, in the spirit of the principle of 'measure for measure'. This horrific retribution was indicative of the Moabites' evil intention to bloodily massacre and dismember us through the showering of 'missiles and arrows' down the crowded gorge with the obvious unpleasant consequences, and thus justified.

This only enhanced the depth of our appreciation for the overwhelming kindness G-d unceasingly showers upon us.

There is one more significant detail to this story.

The Talmud interprets the initial words recorded in the Book of Wars — את והב, as referring to two individuals Es and Hav, מצורעים — two lepers who were isolated from the rest of the Israelites, straggling behind as they made their way over this flattened mountain. It was Es and Hav, who trailed the rest of the nation and in closest proximity, who were able to observe how after the mountains returned to their former positions, blood flowed in the valley. They quickly reported the discovery, with the subsequent dispatching of the well to fetch the evidence for all to see. 

The great visionary Rav Avraham Yitzchok HaKohen Kook sees in this aspect a vital spiritual lesson for future generations. (עין איה ברכות נה)

The defiled leper represents one who lives on the fringe and is exposed to impure influences.

The word את in Hebrew is word that does not have any meaning but is used as a preposition denoting a direct object. As in, 'In the beginning G-d created את השמים — the heavens.'

The letter א and ת, the first and last letter in the Hebrew language — the DNA of Creation — represents the full scope of perception of life. Often that view is based on our limited intellectual capacity and experience. It is only when we add the letter מ to its midst, which spells the word אמת — truth, that is guided by a higher truth, that we can experience 'reality'. Otherwise, we are hindered by our own limited capacity to perceive what is truly genuine.

הב is the root of אהבה — love. The instinct to love and connect with the world when unimpeded from moral truths and values, can lead to embracing cruelty, and corrupting true love, where the only motivator for 'love' becomes 'instant gratification'.

It was only when they realized in hindsight that it was the Ark — the Torah, the guiding force of truth in the world, which flattens mighty mountains of imagined might and power, that can lead the way into discovering absolute truth, and conquering these internal enemies.

We are facing enemies from without and enemies from within.

We can only assure our victory and gain G-d's full attention if we carry the Ark as our sole compass in life.


צבי יהודה טייכמאן

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Anti-Israel protesters waved a Hezbollah flag and called for intifada and the destruction of the State of Israel outside a synagogue in Queens on Sunday, according to pro-Palestinian organizations, despite the Israeli real estate seminar they rallied against no longer being held at the site. Activists led by Palestinian Assembly for Liberation New York and New Jersey (PAL-Awda) had descended on the Congregation Charm Circle in the Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood on Sunday evening to protest a real estate seminar, but according to social media statements by Jewish neighborhood watch group Queens Shmira and New York State Assemblymember Sam Berger, the venue for the event had been changed. Shmira had promised in a Friday statement that the synagogue would remain open for worship. "The ...
“Pray for the welfare of the kingdom, for were it not for the fear it inspires, every man would swallow his neighbor alive.” (Ethics of our Fathers, 3:2) Today’s appalling assassination attempt on former President Trump is deeply upsetting and sadly not entirely shocking. With deep concern, we have been witnessing a gradual descent towards anarchy that has impacted the safety and security of our country, its leaders, and its people. We pray for a return to law, order, and a peaceful public square. We offer sincere prayers for the full recovery of former President Trump and all those harmed by today’s unconscionable attack.
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A shooting at Donald Trump ’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania is being investigated as an attempted assassination of the former president and presumptive Republican nominee, law enforcement officials say. Trump called Sunday for unity and resilience as shocked leaders across the political divide reacted to the shooting. The Secret Service said it killed the suspected shooter, who attacked from a rooftop of a nearby building outside the rally venue. Follow the AP’s Election-2024 coverage at: Here's the Latest: King Charles III has written to Donald Trump after the assassination attempt at a rally in Pennsylvania, Buckingham Palace said. The palace did not disclose ...
IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi delivered a situational assessment at the Palmahim Air Force base on Sunday, where he spoke of the recent IDF strike on a compound where Mohammad Deif was located.  "Yesterday, in a joint operation by the IDF and Shin Bet, we attacked a compound in Khan Yunis where Mohammad Deif, the commander of the military wing of Hamas, was hiding - the man who planned and gave the order for the October 7 attacks."  Halevi noted that the strike killed Rafa’a Salameh, commander of the Khan Yunis Brigade, which was confirmed earlier on Sunday by the IDF.  The IDF Chief of Staff also stated that according to intelligence assessments, there were no hostages in the compound.  "It is still too early to summarize the results of the attack, whi...
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Judge Aileen Cannon tossed former President Trump’s case over his alleged mishandling of classified information, ruling Monday that special counsel Jack Smith was not lawfully appointed.  The ruling hands a major victory to Trump, marking the first time one of his four criminal cases has been dismissed entirely.  “The Superseding Indictment is dismissed because Special Counsel Smith’s appointment violates the Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution,” Cannon wrote in a 93-page ruling.  The judge said her determination is “confined to this proceeding.”  The decision comes just days after an attempted assassination against the former president.
Baltimore, MD - July 15, 2024 - (Baltimore Banner) The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of Maryland, with heat indices expected to reach 110 degrees on Monday. The warning is in effect from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and includes central, northern, and southern Maryland, as well as Washington D.C. and parts of Virginia. Overnight, warm and humid conditions will persist, adding heat stress for those without air conditioning. Scattered thundershowers are also possible. Baltimore's health commissioner has declared a Code Red Extreme Heat Alert through Wednesday, and an excessive heat watch is in place for Tuesday.
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US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle on Monday released her first statement since the assassination attempt against Donald Trump on Saturday. Read the statement in full below: “I would like to start by extending my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Corey Comperatore, who was killed during the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump’s life in Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday, as well as those who were injured during this senseless act of violence. Secret Service personnel on the ground moved quickly during the incident, with our counter sniper team neutralizing the shooter and our agents implementing protective measures to ensure the safety of former president Donald Trump. Since the shooting, I have been in constant contact with Secre...
The 20-year-old nursing-home employee from suburban Pittsburgh who tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump was a registered Republican who packed explosives in the vehicle he drove to the campaign rally an hour from his home. WTOV obtained a high school photo of Thomas Matthew Crooks, the assassin of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Law enforcement officials were working Sunday to learn more about Crooks to determine what motivated him to open fire on the rally from a nearby rooftop, killing one spectator, before he was shot dead by the Secret Service. The FBI said Sunday it has not yet identified any underlying ideology or threatening writing or social media posts from Crooks, who graduated from high school two years ago and had no past criminal cases against h...
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Judge Aileen Cannon dismisses the classified documents case against Donald Trump
The 20-year-old man who tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump first came to law enforcement’s attention at Saturday’s rally when spectators noticed him acting strangely outside the campaign event. The tip sparked a frantic search but officers were unable to find him before he managed to get on a roof, where he opened fire. In the wake of the shooting that killed one spectator, investigators were hunting for any clues about what may have drove Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, to carry out the shocking attack. The FBI said they were investigating it as a potential act of domestic terrorism, but the absence of a clear ideological motive by the man shot dead by the Secret Service led conspiracy theories to flouris...
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