We are all one community - one family. If you, or someone you know, need anything - food, clothing, whatever it is - the rest of the community is here to help. These postings will be handled with great sensitivity . Just tell us what you need and we will help direct you to the right assistance.

Post What You Are in Need Of Below

Chaim B Silverman
is in Need of:

I'm trying to make a minyan at Deep Creek lake area the week starting Sunday August 18. Please contact me @silvermanlaw@gmail.com.

cheryl broth
is in Need of:

Looking for a ride from Monsey to Baltimore on 8/12 in the afternoon. Thanks 301 803 0809

Shmuli Mond
is in Need of:

Looking for a ride from Baltimore to Washington DC tomorrow morning and/or Washington to Baltimore late morning/early afternoon for male.

Michele Adler
is in Need of:

Looking for the person who lost cash at the T.I. preschool in the auditorium. If you lost money please call Rabbi Hirsch, principal of T.I.

Aaron Hoffman
is in Need of:

Looking for ride for one 12 year old boy from far rockaway to Baltimore/silver spring any day next week before shabbos, thank you!! 301-728-1152

Libby Lehman
is in Need of:

Female looking for ride to Camp Magen Avraham Thursday July 25 or Friday morning July 26. Please call or text 443-858-3790.