We are all one community - one family. If you, or someone you know, need anything - food, clothing, whatever it is - the rest of the community is here to help. These postings will be handled with great sensitivity . Just tell us what you need and we will help direct you to the right assistance.

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Miriam sidell
is in Need of:

My friend Batsheva needs Kosher l'Pesach food for her cat from Petsmart. She does not drive. If someone is going there anyway and can help her out, it would be much appreciated. Of course she will pay for the food. Please call Batsheva at 443 894 4341

Emanuel Hakakian
is in Need of:

Small box of non-perishables brought to baltimore from brooklyn. ASAP. 410-948-1075 can pick up/drop off. Thank you.

shirley rackmales
is in Need of:

Senior residing in a nearby senior building is in need to a security camera due to recent thefts. If you have one that you are not using, please call 443-449-4605.

is in Need of:

Are you moving or downsizing and have kept your dining room set in good condition? My son is in Kollel and he and his wife and 5 kids are in need of a sturdy table and chairs that are in very good condition. Tizku L'Mitvot. Please call me in NY at 516-984-9365. Thank you so much!

Alan Katz
is in Need of:

Looking to hire someone to arrange choir of a few boys to sing a song at a Sheva Brochos. Please call 201-207-7319.