The IDF Spokesperson’s Office announced that on Tuesday, 18 Cheshvan, a ceremony was held for the diving course in the submarine base in Haifa. Present were the commander of the submarine squadron, Colonel A., the commander of the naval armament training base, Colonel N., the commander of the diving school, Major Y., the families of the course graduates and their guests.

The course is voluntary, challenging, professional and valuable course that consists of three training stages. At the end of the course, the new graduates are awarded the rank of sergeant and diver.

The submarine fleet is one of the most important and decisive strategic units in Israel’s defense system. The flotilla is an assault force and intelligence force from the depths of the enemy, through which divers can carry out many operational missions and operations far from the coast of Israel.

At the end of the course, the graduates will integrate as they are assigned to submarines in accordance with the professional direction in which they were trained.

From the words of the commander of the Armistice Corps, Major-General Eli Sharvit: “Few are the fighters whose operational environment is the most expensive weapon of war in the IDF, the fighters whose natural environment is many kilometers away from the mother base, almost completely cut off from the outside world. You have completed one of the most challenging courses in the IDF, and the pin we give you today symbolizes not only your steadfastness in this journey, but also the tremendous responsibility that the State of Israel and its army entrust to you. Many challenges await you, but I know that there is someone to rely on. Dive deep – dive far and return home safely to port.”