The IDF probe into the massacre in the home of the Solomon family on a Friday night in N’vei Tzuf reveals a series of errors and failures permitted the attack to occur. 70-year-old Yosef Solomon HY”D was murdered in the attack along with his daughter Chaya HY”D (46) and his son Elad HY”D (36).

The IDF probe determined the civilian security mechanism on the community failed, in a number of areas. The report was presented to Central District Commander Major-General Roni Numa. It explains that based on the security assessment at the time of the attack, which included widespread tensions over Har Habayis, the community security personnel failed to act appropriately.

Investigators learned 15 minutes passed from the initial alert when the terrorist made contact with the outer yishuv fence until the soldier entered the home and neutralized the terrorist. The latter occurred even before the IDF had arrived on the scene.

The community security officer was away that Shabbos, leaving his deputy in charge. A The on duty was notified of a breach in the community fence but did not notify the deputy officer as he should of. This delayed notification to the IDF in the area as well as the internal response in the community. An internal civilian patrol in the yishuv was notified and after checking the fence, made the determination that everything was okay. The deputy officer was later notified on his pager of an alert but did not put the pieces of the puzzle together.

A number of regional officers from the rank of major and down, and a soldier from Nachal Chareidi, were all censured for failing to comply with procedure. The commander of the IDF’s area patrol was imprisoned for 21 days for failing to carry out his mission. The yishuv security officer was reprimanded for failing to report to the IDF area company commander of his absence as protocol requires. The deputy and the sentry on duty were dismissed from their positions for failing to comply with protocol.