Following a Shabbos of machlokes between Gerrer Chassidim and secular residents of Arad, Likud MK decided to cancel his calendar and take the time to head south to Arad in the hope of becoming a peace-maker.

Glick met with the mayor and following the meeting, he told the media he feels City Hall is genuine when releasing remarks that there is no prejudice against Gur. Glick explained the secularists erred, not aware the sign poking fun at the Gerre Rebbe Shlita with their sign.

At City Hall, he explained on the one hand, Gerre represents a large segment of the city’s population and on the other hand, there is a great deal of anger towards the chassidim as the community feels threatened.

Glick sat with some of the members of the Gerrer tzibur, who explained the secularists do not realize to what extent the poster insulted the Rebbe Shlita. Glick feels there are those on either side wishing to maintain a dialogue while unfortunately, there are those who prefer things as they are; namely machlokes.

Glick’s message “In war, no one wins but through dialogue everyone is a winner and I call on both sides to speak for this is the outcome we wish to see here”.