If one looks at a calendar, one will see that summer is ending but it does not feel that way if one goes outdoors in any city across Israel, with yet another heatwave upon us this week.

According to weather reports, temperatures in Jerusalem on Monday, 20 Elul, will reach 33C (92F). on Wednesday, it will be even hotter; 34C (94F) followed by Wednesday; 33C (92F), so in essence, the summer is ending in name alone.

Following is the forecasted highs for a number of cities for Monday and Tuesday:

  • Ashdod 30C (86F) and 31C (88F)
  • Eilat 43C (109F) both days
  • Haifa 30C (86F) and 32C (89F)
  • Holon 31C (88F) and 32C (90F)
  • Tiveria 40C (104F) and 41C (106F)
  • Tzefas 33C (92F) both days

Temperatures are expected to begin dropping, albeit slowly, on Wednesday but they will remain high for this time of year.