Following reports that the Israel Air Force targeted Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center in Hama, a chemical plant deep inside the country, Syrian Army officials are issuing warnings of “serious consequences” after confirming the strike, which is attributed to four IAF fighter planes attacking during the night.

“The Syrian army warns of the serious consequences against this type of aggressive activities against the security and stability in the region,” the statement began.

While Syrian is pointing the finger of blame at Israel, Jerusalem has not commented on the reports that the locale, which is responsible for chemical weapons, was struck.

According to some reports, two facilities were targeted, with the second being a military base for the storage of short range surface-to-surface missiles.

When former IAF commander Major-General Amir Eshel recently stepped down, he confirmed that in the past five years, the air force did indeed launch attacks on the “northern front” and other targets, doing so nearly 100 times.