How many Israeli policemen does it take to protect a visiting US president? No doubt this question would have a different response a year ago when it pertained to Barak Obama, but today, as Jerusalem prepares for the first visit of President Donald Trump, the response is quite different.

According to information shared with the public, Israel Police, the Shin Bet and other agencies are working with US Secret Service agents to prepare for the visit of the outspoken US leader, dubbed Operation Blue Shield.

According to a Walla News report, the two-day visit later this month will involve no less than 10,000 policemen with the command center based in the capital.

As reported earlier, the president will be meeting with the leaders of neighboring Arab nations, then landing in Israel from Saudi Arabia. During that flight, Israel’s air space will be closed to aircraft other than Air Force 1. Mr. Trump and his delegation have booked the entire King David Hotel, as his predecessors have done, and as many visiting state leaders routinely do for security purposes. His trip from the airport to the King David will be by helicopter.

Mr. Trump is scheduled to meet with state leaders in addition to visiting the Kosel, Yad Vashem, the Har Herzl Military Cemetery, the Knesset and Masada. He will also be traveling to Ramallah to meet with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).