Mobileye, making headlines with the largest deal in the history of Israel, prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call Mobileye CEO and President Ziv Aviram to say, "The deal dramatically proves that the vision which we are leading is being realized. Israel is becoming a global technology center not just in cyber, but in the automotive sector as well."

Mobileye is not only based in Israel, it is based in Jerusalem, and an integral part of Jerusalem's growing status as a tech and innovation center. 

Tourism and culture, religious and historical sites are how most people think of Jerusalem, Israel. However, over the last ten years, bio-med technology, and early-stage entrepreneurs have made Jerusalem a serious factor in Israel Start-Up Nation.

In the past few weeks, OurCrowd brought 6,000 investors, entrepreneurs and startups together for a huge global summit in Jerusalem. Soon after it was announced that innogy SE, a leading European energy company, and OurCrowd, the global equity crowdfunding platform, would combine the strength of OurCrowd’s network and ability to scout investment opportunities in Israeli startups and match the business objectives of innogy to provide innovative products and services beyond the energy market.

Dr Shai Melcer, addressed over 100 scientists and entrepreneurs filling the Jerusalem Bloomfield Science Museum auditorium for an event called Bios4Bio#10. Melcer, who led BioJerusalem for the past ten years, gave credit to the Jerusalem Development Authority, JDA, for support in the growth of Bio-med research and business in Jerusalem. Among the accomplishments, Melcer mentioned were more companies getting involved in digital health and the US Federal Drug Authority establishing "cluster of clusters" in Washington, D.C. and approaching BioJerusalem to be one of the "clusters."  

Jerusalem is unique. In the Ein Kerem nieghborhood, laboratories, offices and academics are in walking distance to each other. Jerusalem Bio Park was an empty building three years ago, now it has 80% occupancy. The Hebrew University Givat Ram campus is one center of hi-tech research. It has been reported that companies in Jerusalem have better chance of success, better resilience.  Success has led to jump in employment and led to international organizations such as MassChallenge (MC) opening centers in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem based entrepreneur, Stephen Marx, founder of Marx Biotechnology Ltd, spoke with BJL, about his start up, Marx Biotechnology and his goal to build an independent company that can sustain itself through the sales of its numerous diagnostic and therapeutic products. Its vision is to "become the next big bio-pharmaceutical company right here in Jerusalem, Israel."

"Marx Biotechnology has a blood test that will change the world. It will change the medical industry. This blood test will change the way doctors manage their patients, improving patient care, increasing efficiency, and increasing accuracy. It will allow doctors to make quick decisions on how to best care for their patients improving their patient’s quality of life. It will minimize treatments and hospitalization, saving both lives and money," said Marx.

Marx Biotechnology blood test can diagnosis numerous diseases, such as various types of cancer, preeclampsia, inflammatory bowel disease, and Parkinson’s at a much earlier stage that can presently be done, quickly and accurately. It can monitor the patient’s condition and indicate to the doctor what is causing the problem and the best way to treat with a single blood test.

Marx Biotechnology is one alumnus of the MassChallenge-Israel,,(MC-IL) 2016 accelerator program. MC offers opportunities for startups across the world, with locations in Boston, London, Mexico, Switzerland and now Jerusalem. MC looks for a startup where a product could make a local or global impact. The MC only accepts the top 10% of all applicants in to their accelerator program each year. Once in the program the startup has access to mentors, professionals in the industry, and alumni of the MC program on a global scale. The classes MC provide, the experts they bring to speak are invaluable covering a large range of topics, providing startups with the information and resources needed to take their companies to the next level.

Adds, former Baltimore resident, Meir Silver, "Events organized by BioJerusalem, MassChallenge, and  JLM BioCity, create opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet experienced professionals who will add value to start-ups and growing companies.  These events will foster communication within the healthcare and life sciences industries in Jerusalem."