Jerusalem, Israel - June 8, 2024 - (Arutz-7) In a daring daytime operation on Saturday, the forward units of Yamam and Shin Bet led the heroic rescue of Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv from the Nuseirat "refugee camp" in Gaza. The first ground forces to enter Nuseirat were reported to have arrived in civilian trucks, quickly reaching and entering the buildings where the hostages were held under heavy fire.

Kan 11 News, citing Arab sources, detailed that these initial moments of the rescue coincided with a broad attack by the Israeli Air Force in the area. It was during this time that additional forces, including tanks from the 7th Armored Corps, paratroopers, and Kfir soldiers, converged to support the Yamam teams and facilitate the hostages' escape amidst ongoing deadly fire.

The hostages were located in heavily guarded buildings within close proximity to each other, but separated enough to necessitate a simultaneous approach to avoid endangering those in the alternate location. The operation, now known as "Operation Arnon" in honor of fallen Yamam commander Arnon Zamora, involved breaching the buildings under significant opposition. Commander Zamora was critically injured during an engagement with a terrorist and later succumbed to his injuries.

The IDF has clarified that the special forces did not utilize humanitarian aid trucks for their entry into Gaza, nor did they use the US' humanitarian pier.