A daughter has been born to Sergeant first class (res.) Elhanan Ariel Klein, 29, from the Samaria town of Einav. Klein was murdered on his way to his home after reserve service.

“May this be a source of great blessing. With gratitude and Thanksgiving to God, we are happy and excited to announce the birth of our daughter. Elhanan and Hila Klein,” the family wrote.

Elhanan was murdered in a shooting attack on the road between Shavei Shomron and Einav, near the PA town of Bayt Lid. A vehicle carrying the terrorists overtook Klein's, during which the terrorists fired on his car. He was wounded and lost control of his vehicle, which went off the road and rolled.

Elhanan, a father of three, had been awarded a commendation a year previously from the commander of the Judea and Samaria Division for killing a terrorist throwing cinder blocks at Israeli vehicles and attempting to open the doors of vehicles to attack those inside. He executed an arrest procedure that results in neutralizing the terrorist and removing the threat of a more serious attack.... Read More: Arutz-7