Recently, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yaron Timor, who works as the Vice Dean for the school of  Business Administration in the Inter-Disciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, was volunteering at an emergency health clinic for African refugees in South Tel Aviv when his communication device alerted him to a medical emergency nearby. A car accident had taken place on Levinsky Street. 

Timor dropped what he was doing and with a hasty apology darted out the door and jumped on his ambucycle. Timor raced to the given location and arrived at the scene in just under three minutes.  Upon arrival, Timor found a pedestrian lying on the pavement, unconscious and without a pulse. Blood dripping from the 48-year-old man's mouth indicated severe trauma. A police officer had already begun chest compressions and Yaron joined her in administering CPR. 

An ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and Yaron helped the crew connect an EKG and open an IV line. The team of medics quickly managed to acquire a pulse and began to stabilize the victim for medical evacuation. Yaron assisted in sedating the patient and loading him on board the emergency vehicle for rapid transfer to the trauma center at nearby Ichilov Hospital.

“I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to help people and save lives.  I feel that I have won the lottery, that is how blessed I am,” said Timor. “I got involved in the organization after I saw a demonstration on campus. One day I was simply walking to the cafeteria when I came across some volunteers demonstrating how to give CPR on a dummy that was placed on the grass. I asked one of the volunteer demonstrators what was going on and he explained to me that they were holding a demonstrative lesson on behalf of United Hatzalah. At that very moment the head of the local branch of United Hatzalah told me ‘you’ll be joining us,’  and that is exactly what happened.”