The Israeli Police Department has decided to immediately remove the policeman who was caught on camera brutally pulling the payos of a charedi man from Beit Shemesh who was arrested during an evacuation of a shul.

While he was being led to the patrol car, video footage shows Mordechai Kreuzer  surrounded by a number of policemen. Although he was not resisting arrest and was walking with with the police in handcuffs, one of the officers suddenly pulled his payos tightly.

For many seconds, the detective seemed to be pulling at Mordechai Kreuzer’s payos with his head folded in pain, unable to resist or take any action until they reached the police car.

After the video was publicized, the cruel policeman was transferred to a different precinct. However, he continues his activities as a policeman as the Israel Police Department did not see fit to suspend him immediately from any activity.

Asked why the police officer was not dismissed, a police source said, “As far as the law is concerned, if there is a suspicion of a criminal incident against a police officer, Internal Affairs will investigate and can prosecute him. If he is convicted, a procedure is opened – which may result in the end of his service. ”

“In spite of the difficult incident, there is still a necessary organizational procedure, according to which we are obligated to act,” the police source explained.