Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made it clear Monday evening that he would not agree to a unity government and would prefer the charedi parties to a coalition with Blue and White leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid.

The prime minister dismissed concerns over his having sat with Lapid in a previous government from 2013-2015, saying that he had been forced to sit with Lapid instead of the charedim by then-HaBayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett.

“Why did I take Lapid last time?” Did I wanted to take him? It was because Bennett forced me in. I wanted to bring the charedi parties in. I fought for it until the last minute, but I could not stop it,” Netanyahu said.

“Will they do this to me again? I do not know, but I will immediately turn to all the charedi parties to take them in.”

Netanyahu also added that may voted aren’t aware that a win for Gantz is a win for Lapid as well.

“How many [charedim] know that [the Blue and White party] is both Gantz and Lapid? People think that it is just Gantz, but after Gantz Lapid [will be prime minister]. It’s a rotation. If you vote for Gantz or allow Gantz to win you will get a government led by Lapid.

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