The bus was photographed on its side, punctured by the highway's guard rail outside of Modi'in

wo people died and at least 41 were injured on Sunday when a  #304 bus on a Jerusalem-Tel Aviv suburb highway overturned, Magen David Adom paramedics have confirmed.

Of the 41 injured, two were in serious condition, five were moderately wounded and 34 were lightly injured, MDA said in a statement.

The bus, which was outside the city of Modi'in ear Beit Horon on Highway 443, was photographed on its side punctured by the highway's guard rail, with the entire front windshield blown out.A photo posted on social media showed a rescue worker carrying an infant from the scene, pictured feet from the overturned vehicle. Paramedics said four children were among those injured, including the infant.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "we all pray for the health of the injured," he remarked before a weekly cabinet meeting.

"Due to the nature of the incident the organization is also dispatching members of its Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit to the scene to help treat individuals suffering emotional or psychological stress," the statement said.

A senior Magen David Adom medic, Uriel Goldberg, said in a statement he was one of the first to respond after he heard a "tremendous noise."

"I was treating a minor accident on Route 443 at the [Modi'in-]Maccabim exchange when suddenly I heard a very tremendous noise from the opposite lane and saw the bus turn upside down," he said. "We were able to extract the dozens of passengers who were on the bus, along with help from other MDA teams who arrived quickly to the site." Read more at JPost