An Israeli billionaire was saved at the last minute from an assassination plot in Cyprus several days ago, after being warned about the attempt, Channel 12 news  reported on Sunday.

According to the report, a very wealthy and well-known Israeli businessman was the target of an assassination plot in Cyprus. A hired killer of Azerbaijani origin was reportedly waiting for the man there. According to Walla News, the assassin holds a Russian passport.

But the target fled the country at the last minute, after receiving a warning of the plot from authorities, reported Channel 12. According to Ynet, the assassin was arrested in Cyprus days later, after he crossed the Agios Dhometios checkpoint in Nicosia from the Turkish-ruled northern part of the country.

The attempted attack was originally thought to be an Iranian plot to target Israelis, but authorities now believe it was specifically against one wealthy individual, and Iran may not be involved.... Read More: Times of Israel