It was the latest in a series of anti-Semitic incidents in the region.

PARIS — Dozens of graves in the Jewish cemetery in the small Alsatian village of Westhoffen have been found daubed with swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti, the latest in a series of cemetery and synagogue profanations in the region.

The historic cemetery, which dates to the 16th century and houses the graves of the families of Karl Marx and former French prime ministers Leon Blum and Michel Debré, is the third Jewish cemetery in Alsace to be desecrated in the last year, according to the authorities.

The police discovered the desecrated Westhoffen graves — about 107 of them — on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the French interior minister visited, vowing to redouble efforts to find the perpetrators.

There have been more than 50 incidents this year of school and village walls and cemeteries scrawled with anti-Semitic graffiti in the region, officials said.

“It raises questions,’’ the rabbi for the region, Harold Avraham Weill, said in an interview on Wednesday night. “All these incidents, and no one has seen anything?”

“There is a silence, a deaf-and-dumbness in the population,” he said. “There are no eyewitnesses. Nobody has seen or heard anything. We are obligated to ask questions.’’ Read more at NY Times