LYON (VINnews) — Jewish officials in Lyon, France are preparing to file a lawsuit against the city’s airport over anti-Semitic bias. The allegations involve the airport purposely delaying arrivals from Tel Aviv from receiving their lugagge in a timely manner.

The situation came to a head last Sunday, when pssengers who arrived on a Transavia flight from Tel Aviv experinced a 2 hour delay to receive their lugagge, which ultimately resulted in a fight between the passengers and the airport staff.

Passengers say that while they were experincing a 2 hour delay, they saw passengers who had just come off a flight from Algeria, and were receiving their luggage right away.

Frustrated by the lack of explanation, some of the Tel Aviv passenegrs forced their way into a restricted area. Airport police was needed to break up the fighting.

“This is not an isolated incident. These delays have been happening regularly for several years,” Richard Benita, the head of Lyon’s Jewish radio, told the JC. “The airport is using subcontractors for its security and baggage deliveries. We never have problems with easyJet’s baggage handlers, only with Transavia. It seems some of their workers have resentment towards Israel and they express it by delaying luggage deliveries. The personnel is about 90 per cent originally from North African countries. I’m not saying they’re antisemitic or that all baggage handlers are involved but this can’t continue.”

However, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport denies that anti-Semitism played a role in these incidents. A spokesperson for the airport told France 3 televison that the average time for luggage delivery for Tel Aviv arrivals is actually 1 minute shorter than the average for other arrivals. The airport instead blamed the issue on being understaffed last Sunday.

Mr. Benita doesn’t accept this explanation. He told the JC, “I don’t believe them if that’s their answer. There are just too many incidents.”