The O’Fishel Kosher Caterer’s COVID-19 Simcha Guidelines ~ Trying Times Call For Trying Harder ~ March 13, 2020 – 17 Adar 5780

In light of everyone’s attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, please adhere to the following protocols:

If you are coughing or not feeling well, please do not attend the simcha (event)! That would be a mitzvah habaah al yidei aveira – the ends may not justify the means.

As there is a limit to the number of guests allowed to attend a social gathering, if you or your family member will not be making it to the meal / ceremony, or if you will be leaving early, please contact the host, even at the last minute, so that others may attend.

O’Fishel will be complying with the local government guidelines, presently keeping events to 250 or less attendees.

If you have any hand sanitizer in your possession, please bring a bottle or 2 to the event, and leave it at the card table. The germs you kill won’t kill you.

Please refrain from any skin to skin contact – shaking hands, kissing, hugging... You can wave, smile, wink, curtsey, or bow. The hosts understand, and will appreciate your gesture. They also don’t want to get sick!

If a particular area is crowded (station, bar, etc.) please feel free to disperse.

O’Fishel will not be providing any public family style, self-serve food. All items, including rolls, pickles, coleslaw, etc., will be individually set for each person. If you would like more, feel free to ask a server.

The cold hors d’oeuvres during the Reception of the Kabbalas Panim will be served in individual portions, and the hot food will be served by O’Fishel staff only, with constant hand washing, glove changing and/or hand sanitizing. The server will offer you your selection on a plate with a fork. If you come across an unattended chafing dish, PLEASE DON’T TOUCH IT!

Please never bring a soiled plate / fork to the serving table. Leave it at your place setting or put it on a tray jack. (This is O’Fishel and Health Department protocol, even without COVID-19!) We will providing additional plates and forks as necessary.

In order to minimize transmission of contagions, O’Fishel waitstaff will not (and should never) be folding napkins between courses.

Please express your appreciation to the service staff. This is always a good idea, and they are also anxious about the Coronavirus.

Please give proper space between yourself and the person you are speaking to. If it’s too noisy, rather than coming close and raising your voice, take the conversation outside. (This is a good policy, even without COVID-19!)

Do not have any services anywhere other than areas designated by the caterer. Please do not block bathroom doors or thoroughfares. (Again, this is a good policy, even without COVID-19!)

All employees and non-employees should wash their hands with warm water and soap after visiting the restroom for any reason.

As this is a fluid situation, guidelines may change.

100 Brachos stopped the Magefa (lethal plague) in King David’s days. Feel free to make your Brachos out loud so others can say Amein! May we all be bentched (blessed). O’Fishel Kosher Caterers Contact us at Visit our website at