Baltimore, MD - Mar. 18, 2019 - Dear Fellow Community Members and Elected Officials:

As reported in Baltimore Jewish Life, a wrong-way traffic camera was recently installed on Labyrinth Road between Bonnie Road and Fallstaff Road. On behalf of many, we are writing to publicly object to the installation of this camera and to request that Labyrinth Road be restored to two-way traffic.

Except for the one block between Bonnie Road and Fallstaff Road, Labyrinth Road is a two-way street. There are no legitimate safety reasons for the entire Labyrinth Road not to be open to two-way vehicular traffic.

The only reason why that block of Labyrinth Road is a one-way street is because certain well-connected individuals do not want to be inconvenienced by what they consider to be unwanted vehicular traffic. However, this greatly inconveniences those of us who live—or drive carpool—in the Bonnie Road area. In addition, it is shocking that someone in our community would lobby local officials to install a traffic camera to financially penalize others in our community for their own benefit. 

We understand being upset that some people occasionally flout traffic rules to save valuable time. But that is no excuse to ask government officials to install a mechanism to penalize others. Thus, the recent installation of the wrong-way traffic camera on Labyrinth Road makes it clearer than ever that the time has come for two-way traffic to be restored to Labyrinth Road. Well-connected individuals should no longer be allowed to leverage their political influence to the detriment of many others in our community.


Chaim Gordon & Yehuda Mond