The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, R’ Yisroel Hager, will be in Cleveland, Ohio for a historic one-day visit on Monday.

The Rebbe was in Boro Park all last week for a grandchild’s wedding. The Rebbe’s grandson, son of R’ Chaim Meir Hager, married the daughter of the Aleksander Rebbe from Cleveland. The Aleksander Rebbe, R’ Shneur Zalman Danciger, will be hosting Monday evening’s Sheva Brachos in Cleveland. The Modziter Rebbe from Israel, the Aleksander Rebbe’s brother-in-law, is also in the United States to join in the simcha, and will be traveling to Cleveland as well.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe and Modziter Rebbe are expected to address the Cleveland community at a special Atzeres.