American online retailer Etsy was selling caps recently on its site with the caption “Make Israel Palestine Again” in the spirit of President Trump’s famous slogan “Make America Great Again”. The cap, which seems to be calling for the obliteration of Israel, is created and sold by Jordanian designer Mjcodez but ostensibly manufactured in the United States, and was favorited by over 60 people on Etsy’s site.

The site added a note regarding the controversial hat, stating that “Seriously though, time to take back what’s rightfully ours… If you’re headed to a protest or demonstration for Palestine, civil rights or any of the sort – this will be definitely catch people’s eyes.”

Last year, was selling T-shirts with the slogan “Make Israel Palestine Again.” The slogan “Make Israel Palestine Again” is also used often on social media, including a Twitter page and an Instagram account. An image on the Twitter feed shows President Trump wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat which was photoshopped to say “Make Israel Palestine Again.”... Read More: Vosizneais