"If you could take a minute to understand what a simple relationship does for a younger girl going through high school, you would jump to join and get a partner of your own."

 - Bnos One-on-One Big Sister, 5779

“I am inspired by the dedication of my leaders!”

-Bnos Coordinator, Boro Park, 5779

Back in the fall, we introduced you to our theme for Bnos 5779: “אין ציר כאלקנו - created with ''hue'' in mind." Our goal for this year was to help each girl shine, just as each color in the rainbow gleams individually, but also comes together for a brilliant whole.

It was an ambitious goal, but B"H we can look back now on our most successful Bnos season ever! With the help of Hashem, we were able to bring out the best in each of our precious Bnosers through our fun activities with a purpose.

All this was possible because our coordinators and leaders stepped up to the plate in so many ways. In fact, Sarah G. of Boro Park told us that if she didn't call her leaders by Wednesday, they would call her first to plan activities for the coming Shabbos! We had Bnos leaders who put in extra time to produce a performance with their group, preparing songs and dances to highlight each girl.

But the truly amazing part is how much our leaders grew in the process. Toby P. of Monsey heard from a mother that one of her Bnos leaders will be running a backyard day camp this summer. What gave this young teen the push to do that? Her mother says, "it was thanks to Bnos that gave her the confidence and courage to continue to use her kochos and leadership qualities."

We got similar feedback from our Big Sisters, who got more than they gave. One Big Sister sent us this, "When I joined the Bnos One-on-One program in 10th grade, I was shocked to have been partnered with a girl that was a 3-minute walk from me! It never occurred to me that there would be chesed like this so close by. Not only have I grown individually from Bnos One-on-One, but I learned that there's no such thing as a chesed case. Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - has a story. And everyone deserves your love, recognition, and relationship." 

What a life-changing lesson.