Urgent Tehillim is needed after a Rebbi (counselor) at a day camp in Norfolk, Virginia was swept out to sea, Tuesday afternoon.
WVEC reported that crews were trying to find the teacher – Reuven Tzvi ben Esther Baila – who went missing in the water off False Cape State Park Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency dispatchers said two teachers were with students at the state park. A student who was in trouble in the water got back to shore. A teacher was missing.

Crews were trying to find a teacher who was missing in the water off False Cape State Park Tuesday.

Emergency dispatchers received a call that there may have been a drowning at the park, located at 4001Sandpiper Road in Virginia Beach. The caller said two people had been in the water. One was 35 years old. The other was an 11-year-old student.

Master Police Officer Linda Kuehn with the Virginia Beach Police Department said the adult tried to help the child who was able to get back to shore. The adult was missing.

An emergency dispatch supervisor said the teacher was one of two who were with a group of 20 students. The children all were safe.