Baltimore, MD - Jan. 9, 2018 - This past week was one of the coldest we have had in years.  Just walking from your house to the car was a bone chilling experience.  Imagine being locked out of your car or house in that freezing weather or getting a flat tire.  Now imagine helping a friend change his tire.  Lastly, imagine helping a stranger change his tire, get into his locked house, jump start his car…175 times.  One hundred seventy five! That is the number of calls Chaverim has responded to this far.

The Chaverim organization is built by individuals who want to positively contribute to our community, with skill they are taught and equipment they are provided.  We can not continue to support the ever growing community without more volunteers.  If everyone does a little, Chaverim can continue to do a lot.  Please do not only consider calling Chaverim in your time of need, call Chaverim now to volunteer, in others’ time of need.

Applications are available online at  Please call 443-928-4361 or email with any questions.