Baltimore, MD - Dec. 19, 2017 - When we think about Chanukah parties, we normally picture get-togethers with our family and with our friends, sharing the Chanukah merriment with those in our daily lives.  Most people don’t host entire parties for people they don’t even know. Not so at Ohr Chadash Academy! On the 2nd night of Chanukah, OCA middle school students, along with their families, gathered at OCA to host a party for Jewish Caring Network (JCN) families.  JCN is a Baltimore based organization dedicated to providing support services to families facing life-threatening, lifelong, or serious illnesses.  OCA Middle School is engaged in a year-long partnership with JCN to help bring joy to those families with sick family members and to ease their burden in any way that they are able. Mrs. Randi Orshan, OCA Assistant Principal of General Studies shares “From the planning to the executing, the students worked so hard to provide a meaningful, fun experience for all the participants.” And, what a fun experience it was!

Festive Chanukah music filled the room courtesy of DJ Balagan, Aaron Shiller.  Those guests who didn’t get caught up in the dancing from the get-go had their choice of different, fun, Chanukah stations and games.  From pin the Gimmel on the dreidel to spin art, a science experiment, cookie decorating, and popsicle stick art, it was hard to choose which fun activity to do next.  The OCA 6th grade girls performed a captivating Chanukah play followed by a dreidel spin-off. No Chanukah party would be complete without delicious latkes and sufganiyot which all the guests enjoyed. 

In a letter of thanks to the OCA middle school JCN Director of Operations Stacey Goldenberg shares “You did not forget a thing in the planning and execution of this party! The students were so helpful and loving to our JCN families.  Thank you for bringing light into their hearts this Chanukah and letting them know that they are not alone.”