Baltimore, MD - July 7, 2017:

We want to thank the entire Baltimore Jewish Community, as well as our family and friends, for the tremendous chesed that they have shown us this past year, especially Bikur Cholim and the Jewish Caring Network. We are deeply grateful for all the tefilos and kindness which they rendered.

As a shevach v'hodaya to Hashem, and in gratitude to our shul, our family and friends, we invite everyone to the Shabbos Mevorchim Elul Kiddush, Parshas Re'eh - August 19 - 27th of Menachem Av, at Shearith Israel Congregation, which we are sponsoring. No words could possibly convey our deep appreciation for the warmth and caring of our very special community.

With warmest Torah greetings, we remain

Yisroel and Devorah Reznitsky