IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade who raided the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza this week were surprised to find large quantities of food that came via humanitarian aid trucks in Hamas hideouts.

Yoav Zitun reported on Ynet that alongside the weapons caches, Hamas hid in their stronghold that they reestablished in Zeitoun tons of packaged food, which came in humanitarian aid shipments from the southern Gaza Strip and was forcibly taken by the terror organization.

Zitun explained in his report that Hamas distributed food from international aid first to its operatives, and then, as part of its civilian takeover of the northern Gaza Strip, also distributed it to the hundreds of thousands of Gazans who remain in the area.

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid caused an uproar on Wednesday when he issued an especially harsh condemnation of protesters who blocked aid trucks en route to the Gaza Strip.... Read More: Arutz-7