The Arrow defense system, Iron Sting mortar, Eitan APC, the Typhoon Mk-30c turret, Negev 7 machine-gun, Dagger aiming system, just some of the new equipment

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed on Thursday an updated list of newly used weapons and equipment from its arsenal, including the Dagger aiming system, Negev 7 machine-gun, Arrow defense system, Iron Sting mortar, Eitan APC, Typhoon Mk-30c turret, and more.

“The assimilation of the additional weapons and equipment has tremendous significance these days, as it helps the efficiency and security of the forces in the field, and leads us to successful and precise maneuvering in the dense Gaza Strip,” the IDF said in its press release.

The “Dagger” smart-shooter aim-assistance system, is now being used in its third generation, helping soldiers hit targets with 350 percent greater accuracy. It isn’t just any normal sight, it locates moving targets, whether a drone in the sky or a terrorist on the ground, and locks on to provide maximum precision with calculated ballistic deviations.... Read More: i24