Agudat Yisrael will receive NIS 250 million in June for its yeshiva students, the Likud Party said Monday. United Torah Judaism’s hassidic faction had threatened to topple the government if its dispute with Likud and the Finance Ministry was not resolved.

The impasse developed last week after Agudat Yisrael demanded approximately NIS 670m. in funding retroactively to cover the costs of its yeshivot and education systems from the beginning of 2023.

The current coalition funding awards yeshivot NIS 1.6 billion to raise the monthly stipend for each student from about NIS 600 to NIS 1,173 from June until the end of 2023. Agudat Yisrael said the agreement had been to raise the stipend retroactively from January.

According to the agreement, the Finance Ministry will give each yeshiva student a one-time grant of about NIS 2,000, the aggregate amount that each student would have enjoyed had the stipend been increased in January. This stipend, which costs approximately NIS 250m., will come from the NIS 1.6b. that was earmarked for the rest of 2023. At the end of the year, UTJ will use what is left over to cover the remaining deficit.... Read More: JPost