TAG Baltimore, together with over 50 other TAG offices around the globe are joining together for a unified campaign where each office is turning to its own community for support. It will be through the success of this campaign that TAG Baltimore will continue to stay at the forefront of technology, providing awareness, education and assistance to the Baltimore community.

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What is TAG Baltimore?

TAG (Technology Awareness Group) is an organization that provides education, guidance, and filtering solutions for the technology needs of our community. Our objective is to empower people to use technology in a safe and responsible fashion. Mr. Mordechai Dixler is the new Director of TAG Baltimore and together with the incredibly dedicated staff, the office is open and efficiently servicing customers five nights a week.

How does TAG help people?

TAG provides various customizable filter solutions for laptops, smartphones and basic phones. The office is staffed with trained volunteers who use their expertise to provide options for the unique needs of our customers.  We constantly review available features to optimize the products we offer. In this past year alone, TAG Baltimore has assisted over 1300 people from across the entire community.

Does TAG charge for their services?

TAG does not charge for consultation services, or for filter installations and customized setups. The fees for products that TAG recommends and installs are paid directly to the filter companies. 

What solutions does TAG utilize?

The products we recommend are thoroughly researched and tested by experts at TAG International. These solutions are tailored for personal preferences and maximum flexibility and also provide superb levels of customer support.

Is TAG Baltimore connected to TAG offices in other cities?

We are fortunate to be a part of and benefit from the larger TAG global network. The TAG offices around the world leverage each other’s knowledge, expertise  and experience to best support our customers. It is not uncommon for someone in the Toronto office to ask a question, be answered by Chicago, have Manchester and Houston chime in, with Lakewood, France and Cleveland offering ideas as well. From Panama to Melbourne and from Boro Park to Antwerp, TAG offices everywhere are united in assisting the greater community with technology safety. TAG also has direct access to company representatives from all the products that we recommend and utilize ensuring quick responses for any issue. 

Does TAG sell kosher phones in the office?

TAG has collaborated and teamed up with SafeCell and SafeTelecom to bring Baltimore kosher phone options available for on site purchase. We sell basic flip phones, Waze only devices and smartphones with no browser but the ability to select from hundreds of pre-approved apps.

Where is TAG Baltimore located?

This past October, TAG moved into a spacious new office. Through a generous grant from the Star-K, the office was beautifully renovated and furnished. The welcoming spacious waiting area has reading material, light refreshments and fresh coffee available for all our customers. The office has multiple private consultation rooms and a conference room for larger meetings as needed.  The office address is 201 Milford Mill Rd. Suite 103, Baltimore, MD 21208, right across the street from our old office and the Star-K office.

Are appointments needed?

Appointments are highly recommended as they help us manage our staff and workflow. Walk-ins are welcome and we will assist you as quickly as possible. To schedule an appointment please visit our website at tagbaltimore.org.

What are TAG’s plans for the future?

Our goal is to expand many of our services such as providing new daytime service hours, initiating shul filter drives, coordinating and supporting school events, and running informational expos. Our office will also host Internet kiosks to provide filtered Internet for families that choose not to have Internet in their home.

How can I contact TAG?

Our website is www.tagbaltimore.org. We can be reached via e-mail at help@tagbaltimore.org or by phone at 410-449-1824, for questions, assistance, and appointment scheduling. Additionally, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding how we can better serve the community please don't hesitate to let us know!

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