Even Supreme Court justices should be considered when trying to find the person who leaked the draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade, former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told Newsmax on Monday.

Whitaker appeared on "Wake Up America" and was asked whether one of the high court's liberal judges could have been the leaker.

"Yeah, when I was dealing with leaks at the Department of Justice you always first go to who benefits from the leak," Whitaker told co-host Rob Finnerty. "Who is going to be the person that is motivated to leak this, and I think the investigation should go right to those people and their staff, because ultimately, this was a very damaging leak. It undermined the court in a significant way.

"These leak investigations are very hard, having participated in many leaks as an investigator and as a leader, I've seen how hard. You can narrow it down to a small group but it's very hard to get the evidence to put it on one person."... Read More: Newsmax