Pope Francis on Tuesday welcomed the World Jewish Congress’ (WJC) launch of an historic initiative known as “Kishreinu” (Hebrew for “Our Bond”), intended to strengthen Jewish-Catholic ties around the globe.

Pope Francis explained that, “In light of the religious heritage that we share, let us regard the present as a challenge that unites us, as an incentive to act together.”

“Our two communities of faith are entrusted with the task of working to make the world more fraternal, combating forms of inequality and promoting greater justice, so that peace will not remain an otherworldly promise, but become a present reality in our world,” he added.

The Jewish communal leaders from more than 50 countries, who were received by the pontiff Tuesday in the Apostolic Palace, were gathered for a World Jewish Congress Executive Committee meeting – the first-ever formal event held by a Jewish organization at the Vatican since the founding of the Catholic Church. Kosher food was served.... Read More: Arutz-7