In light of continued pressure from GOP investigators looking to uncover whether President Joe Biden had any knowledge of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings, White House aides have reportedly begun suggesting Biden may opt not to run for reelection if running again meant Hunter would face congressional subpoenas and investigations.

"If a GOP-led House turns up the heat on Hunter Biden, it could weigh heavily in the president’s decision to run for a second term," wrote Politico Playbook's Eugene Daniels on Monday. "White House officials said Biden is preparing to seek reelection, but a final decision likely won’t be made for several months, with the first lady having an outsized influence. Some aides believe that Biden could forgo another campaign if it would shield his family from hostile congressional investigations."

The reporting comes ahead of a Tuesday night interview that Tucker Carlson will be conducting with Hunter Biden's former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who claims to know firsthand that Biden was aware of his son's business dealings with China while he was serving as vice president.

It's been 201 days since The New York Times confirmed the alleged laptop and emails showing potentially illegal or unethical business activities by Hunter Biden were legitimate, and not Russian disinformation, according to The Media Research Center (MRC).... Read More: FOX45