Jerusalem, Israel - Aug. 3, 2022 - Here we go again!

For the fifth time in three years, Israeli citizens are going to be having another election on November 1, 2022, and the election campaigning has begun.

The number of parties is still to be determined as former parties split and merge under new names and with new lists of potential Knesset members. For example, Ayelet Shaked and Yoaz Hendel have joined together to form a new party called Zionist Spirit.

"Israel truly is a land of miracles, 37 or so parties running in the next election and there's not one I want to vote for," wrote a friend on Facebook.

Some of the political party lists are selected by committees or party leaders. However, on August 10, 2022, Likud will have a primary election. Thirty-nine candidates are running to be re-elected. Every Likud member is entitled to vote for 12 of the candidates.

Of the 76 names in the running, some are on specific spots on the Likud list, such as a spot for New Immigrants, Haredim, Young People, Women, non-Jews, etc.  

The number 25 slot on the Likud list is reserved for a "New Woman." With Likud polling at 30 seats or slightly over, #25 is a realistic slot for inclusion in the next Knesset.

One of the Likud primary candidates for Knesset as "New Woman" is Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. In a campaign email she stated, "When I am in the Knesset, I intend to represent YOU - your voices, your needs, and concerns. In my capacity as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, I have always maintained an open office policy so that I can stay connected to you all and ensure that I am able to best address the issues that really matter to you.

I want to hear know what issues you’d like to see addressed in Knesset and what you view as being the top priority for this election."

Answering phone calls and responding to emails, and attending parlor meetings is one step toward reaching her goal.

The Likud primary elections are to be held all day on August 10th at the Jerusalem International Convention Center. Predicting the outcome of Israeli politics is anyone's guess, but the Likud primaries are one step to the selection of the next Knesset.