The impending dispersal of impending dispersal of the Knesset has led to the postponement of multiple governmental processes. Of particular concern to many citizens of both Israel and the United States of America has been the visa exemption agreement between the two countries which it had been hoped would be completed before the government changed.

US ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides posted a tweet asking government officials and MKs throughout Israel's political spectrum to make the Visa exemption agreement a bipartisan issue, irrespective of which party takes power after elections. "I've been working around the clock since I arrived to help Israel meet all the requirements to join the Visa Waiver Program. Don't lose momentum now. This will help Israeli citizens travel to the U.S. - put them first!"

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked likewise commented on the issue at a meeting of the Heart of the Galilee forum, which brings together four regional councils in Israel's north. The Minister blamed the Likud for not advancing the process: "I call on the Likud to remove the veto on the law we need to get a visa waiver for the United States. We are on a very, very accelerated path vis-à-vis the US administration, at the end of which next year, Israelis will not have to stand in line for the US embassy. I call on the Likud - let us pass this legislation."