Under the slogan “Netanyahu, you will never walk alone!,” Israeli right-wing news anchor Yinon Magal succeeded in raising 3,529,000 NIS within a week to fund Netanyahu’s legal campaign. It is unclear whether Netanyahu can legally benefit from such funds according to Israeli law but Magal insists that a way can be found to transfer the money to Netanyahu.

“I spoke with senior lawyers in the Knesset,” he said. “The law prevents a Knesset member from initiating a fundraising campaign but we didn’t ask Netanyahu, we just raised the money. When Netanyahu goes to the Ethics Committee and requests, I hope he will agree, we will not accept a “no”, we demand to give him the money and the committee will authorize it.”

“People from all over the world are joining the big campaign of the right-wing to show their love to Netanyahu. This is our time to take part in his legal expenses that were caused by the Left persecution,” Magal wrote on his Twitter page.

Last week he started the campaign as a show of empathy for Netanyahu and within 2.5 hours, 800,000 NIS had been raised. The current goal is to reach 5 million NIS and to persuade Netanyahu to fight on.

In the last few days Attorney-General Mandelblit has allegedly agreed to a plea bargain in which Netanyahu would serve 6 to 9 months of public service and the bribery charges would be dropped. Currently Netanyahu’s lawyers are trying to persuade him that such an agreement is the best deal he will get, but Magal represents a broad spectrum of Israelis who want to see Netanyahu exonerated and then to see the court system revamped after the public sees the damage done to Netanyahu and the political system by the prosecution.