Just last night, Chaim V’Chessed reported on the new rules hastily implemented in light of the new Omicron variant. Israel has, once again, banned foreigners from entering the country, effective tonight at midnight.

Several unclear matters remained regarding the new rules: entry by visa holders, and whether those departing for Israel today (Sunday) would be permitted to enter Israel tomorrow, Monday, once the new rules take effect.

We are now pleased to report that, due to the unstinting efforts of our colleague Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz of the Igud, student visa holders will be allowed into Israel, provided they are fully vaccinated or recovered. NOTE: They will not be permitted to enter Israel if they are traveling from a Red country.

Additionally, Chaim V’Chessed has learned that passengers who depart to Israel today, will be granted entry tomorrow, Monday, November 29.

At this time, an Exceptions Committee has not yet been established, though one is expected to be formed shortly. Likewise, it is unknown which exceptional circumstances will qualify for special permission to enter Israel.