Baltimore, Md – Nov. 28, 2021 – The Yarchei Kallah at Khal Chasidim D'Baltimore on Thursday featured a shiur by HaRav Yaakov Hopfer that he introduced by mentioning that this was probably the first time in fifty years he will deliver a shiur in Yiddish. 

Rav Hopfer thanked the Rosh Kolel, HaRav Amrom Jungreis for inviting the Rav to say the shiur reinforcing the power of achdus and shalom in our community. Rav Hopfer attributed this shalom amongst our various factions to the lower rate of Covid experienced in the Baltimore community B'Chasdei HaShem, (compared to other communities worldwide). 

The shiur was on the sugya of שויא אנפשיה חתיכה דאיסורא which is mentioned in מסכת כתובות.

The Rosh Kollel, HaRav Amrom Jungreis, spoke afterward and thanked Rav Hopfer for taking time from his incredibly hectic schedule to benefit the crowd with his shiur.

A nice crowd attended and learned the same sugya as the kolel, and it was a beautiful sight to see many balei batim and kollel yingerleit being מפלפל during the shiur.

Light refreshments were served throughout the event. At 1:00 PM the oilam davened Mincha and then partook of a hot lunch.