Opposition leader Netanyahu meets 'right-wing bloc,' says current coalition cannot last due to internal contradictions.

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 'right-wing bloc' Monday and announced that the bloc's mission would be to bring down the government which was inaugurated last night.

"We have a very strong opposition - 53 MKs, who are cohesive and strong to overthrow this dangerous left-wing government, this fraudulent government. It will fall quickly and I will tell you why: the only thing that connects them is hatred, exclusion and power. It is impossible to have such a government." Netanyahu began.

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The former prime minister added, "There are so many contradictions and with such hatred it is impossible to hold a government together for long. Whoever passed six seats in a right-to-left act of fraud may be deceived and form a temporary government but no more than that. We will face them in strong and united opposition This is at the first opportunity. I say this from my personal experience. I led oppositions in 1995 and again in 2005. We worked hard, together, and in both cases we brought great victories. It will happen this time, only much faster." Read more at Arutz-7