Sirens in Shphela, Gush Dan and, for the first time in this round, also in the Jezreel Valley. Petah Tikva building on fire following rocket hit.

Hamas terrorists on Wednesday night fired a barrage of rockets towards Israel.

Sirens were sounded in the area of Tel Aviv, the Shphelah, the Sharon and for the first time in this round of fighting, rockets were also launched towards the Jezreel Valley.

A residential building in Petah Tikva was directly hit by a rocket and began to catch fire. The tenants were evacuated and searches are being conducted to locate casualties. Firefighters are at the scene.

In another incident, shrapnel from a rocket hit a house in Rishon Lezion. The building sustained damage. Six people were lightly injured while running to a shelter, including a 72-year-old man.

The military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the latest barrages and said it had launched rockets into Tel Aviv in response to a widespread IDF attack on infrastructure structures in Gaza.

Meanwhile, IDF fighter jets and aircraft attacked buildings of strategic importance to the Hamas terrorist organization and also eliminated a squad of Hamas naval forces.

Among the buildings attacked were the central bank of the Hamas terrorist organization and two Hamas-owned buildings of used for intelligence operations.

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In addition, the IDF attacked another Hamas building in Khan Yunis. Read more at Arutz-7