Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 22, 2021 - After months under Coronavirus restrictions, and a year of limited travel, the Jerusalem Municipality is sponsoring a brightly and colorful illuminated Jerusalem in a safe way from the comfortable convenience of your car, while adhering to all public health measures.

The tour includes dozens of iconic landmarks - historical and modern - illuminated and turned into works of art. The Old City Walls, parks, hotels, the Israel Museum, Tower of David, and Knesset to mention a few of the locations, beginning at the Chord Bridge and a special stop at the First Station.

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Visitors are instructed to remain in their vehicles as they drive through the Jerusalem route. The event began on Sunday night, February 21st, and is to end on March 3, 2021. 

This short video has the Knesset in the background and the Israel Museum to the left in the distance, showing a portion of the first night of the "Follow the Lights" illuminations.


Full English route and list of sights with explanations from the Jerusalem Municipality website can be found  HERE

The photo essay includes photos taken during the day to show the size and extent of some of the equipment used in this attempt to restart tourism in Jerusalem, Israel.