12 firefighting teams working to bring blaze under control, rescue trapped residents from their homes.

12 fire fighting teams from the Jerusalem region are working on Tuesday morning to contain and extinguish a large blaze that broke out on the lower floors of a building complex on Sorotzkin Street in the Romema neighborhood of the capital.

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The fire has also spread to a number of nearby vehicles, warehouses, and residential apartments, trapping dozens of families in their homes due to both the fierce blaze as well as the smoke. Firefighters are working to clear neighboring buildings of smoke, enabling residents to leave their homes, and are ascertaining whether additional people are trapped in the vicinity.

As of the time of this writing, the fire has yet to be brought under control.

Deputy commander Eli Edri, chief officer of the HaUmah fire station, related: “We have been at the site since around four o’clock in the morning, dealing with a very large and challenging blaze that broke out in a complex of six adjoining buildings on Sorotzkin Street. As a result of the blaze, a large number of people, including young children, have been trapped in their apartments by the fire and also the smoke, which has spread through the building stairwells. In addition, a large number of vehicles have gone up in flames, as well as warehouses. Several apartments have sustained damage.” Read more at Arutz-7