Baltimore, MD - Nov. 22, 2020WBFF recently reported "Right now a special council is discussing potential changes to Maryland’s Juvenile Justice System, as the debate over how to best handle juvenile offenders continues.

The Juvenile Justice Reform Council was created by the state last year and charged with coming up with policy change recommendations.

State Senator Jill Carter sits on the council and represents areas of Baltimore where recent juvenile crime has occurred, including the attempted armed robbery of a Jewish couple outside a Synagogue.

Carter is pushing for all crimes committed by persons under the age of 18 to automatically go to juvenile court."

ATTENTION MEMBERS OF THE BALTIMORE COMMUNITY: Please have your friends (and you!)  call State Senator Jill Carter. 10 of the 12 armed carjackers, that recently plagued our community, were released upon arrest since they are juveniles. Senator Carter is now trying to change the rules so that the juvenile designation be raised from 16 years old to 18 years old since “jail is bad for them”.

Please call and say this is NOT OKAY. These are not just kids pranking people, they were armed and dangerous and it’s not safe for the communities.
The direct # to State Senator Carter's voicemail is (301) 323-8216.