A recent study shows digestive issues might be an early symptom for people who have come down with the coronavirus.

Because these individuals don't necessarily have respiratory symptoms, they may not seek help as quickly thinking it's not the coronavirus.

Mercy Medical Center Dr. Paul Thuluvath said they are seeing digestive problems in coronavirus patients.

“It's very common to have upper gastrointestinal symptoms, like loss of appetite. In three out of four, you will see loss of appetite, but nausea is seen in one in four. Same thing with diarrhea. It is uncommon, but one in four can have diarrhea,” Thuluvath said.

Thuluvath said if you are having these symptoms, contact your doctor so he or she can advise you on how to proceed.

The virus can appear in stool, which is just one more reason to practice diligent hand washing.