Baltimore, MD - Feb. 27, 2020 - Sarah Schenirer, founder of the Bais Yaakov movement, was a brilliant innovator.  She identified a need and created Bais Yaakov to provide a premier education in both Judaic and secular studies effectively safeguarding the continuity of our precious Bnos Torah.  Perpetuating her legacy, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore opened its doors 78 years ago.

It has been and continues to be the hardworking teachers and staff of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore who implement Sarah Schenirer’s revolutionary vision.  It is thus appropriate that parents, alumnae and members of the community embrace similar innovation to create a truly unique and spectacular night that will bring together women of our entire community, as well as alumnae from around the country, to celebrate the teachers of Bais Yaakov for their noble efforts on the evening of March 16, 2020 at Martin’s West. 

The evening will be unique in many ways. The special women’s only event allows for teacher appreciation in a manner not previously expressed in public setting. While one event will never suffice for the appreciation owed to Bais Yaakov’s dedicated teachers, the Gala Event will look to publicly celebrate teachers’ tireless work in helping educate the next generation of girls.

Aside from appreciation to all the teachers, the event will also honor a group of teachers with awards named in memory of several Bais Yaakov mechanchim who are no longer with us, but whose names evoke wonderful memories among many in the Baltimore community who fondly remember these teachers and administrators from their years in Bais Yaakov.

The event will also feature an exciting keynote presentation by Mrs. Barbara Bensoussan, the popular author and columnist for Mishpacha Magazine and other Jewish publications. Mrs. Bensoussan will offer a fascinating perspective from her years of interviewing a plethora of personalities with a special presentation titled A Glimpse into the Lives of Exceptional Women on an Evening Celebrating Exceptional Women.

Additionally, the night will see the premiere of an all-new music video featuring “100 Voices,” a broad range of alumnae and students performing a heartfelt original new   music song. A song with lyrics and a composition by Mordechai Brezel, one of Jewish music’s most popular composers, who has written hit songs for Shwekey, Leiner, Gertner, and now for Bais Yaakov.

Perhaps most importantly, the evening will offer our community a chance to enjoy a night of great conversation and camaraderie with Bais Yaakov teachers and each other. With  fun and challenging trivia that will be scrolling on screens, a compelling program, great food and ambiance, the Gala Event will offer the women of our community an opportunity to step back and celebrate what really makes Baltimore such a special community – people like yourself!

In summary, Bais Yaakov’s Woman’s Gala Event, which will bez’H take place on March 16th at Martin’s West, will be a historic event of appreciation and inspiration that Baltimore has never experienced before. To make a reservation or to learn more about the event, please visit  or contact the Bais Yaakov office at 443-548-7700 x 522. Let’s celebrate together!