Maryland hasn't seen too many bitterly cold days so far this winter, but that could change this week, and emergency room doctors want you to be aware for frostbite and hypothermia.

Temperatures aren't forecast to get much above freezing during the day this week and they'll drop to the teens at night.

The Baltimore City Health Department has issued a Code Blue because of the cold.

Baltimore City Department of Public Works crews repaired a water main in freezing temperatures Monday afternoon. High temperatures in the greater Baltimore area topped out at around 30 to 33 degrees with much colder temperature expected at night.

Dr. Jonathan Thierman, an emergency room doctor with LifeBridge Health, said at Sinai Hospital, they are entering the busy season as far as the cold is concerned.

"Every year, we see a spike around this time of year," Thierman said. "Typically, we see mild frostbite of the extremities. It hasn’t been cold enough long enough for us to see some of the more serious complications of hypothermia, but we do every year, unfortunately, see those typically."

When it comes to hypothermia, warning signs include shivering, increased breathing and heart rate, pale skin and difficulty walking and talking.

"As it gets more severe hypothermia, you can get cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, other worrisome life-threatening illnesses," Thierman said.

Frostbite warning signs include redness or pain in any skin area, pale frozen skin that has a waxy look and numbness.

"As long as you’re keeping active and you’re properly dressed, you probably will be fine," Thierman said.

According to the Maryland Department of Health, since the end of November 2019 to Jan. 13, there have been 10 cold-related deaths. Most at risk are the very old and young, those with health issues and the homeless community.

Theirman also said there are cold weather dangers to remember.

"The two most common things we see in the ER are carbon monoxide poisoning related to people who are using alternate heating systems or old heating systems to combat the cold as well as cardiac events," Thierman said.

The weather is forecast to start warming up slightly by Thursday, when temperatures will be back in the upper 40s. But by the weekend, there could be some wet weather that might include rain and snow.

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