Baltimore, MD – Dec. 6, 2019 - When an organization runs a 24-hour charity campaign it is all hands on deck.  It’s not unusual for people from all corners of the community to come together to volunteer and help the campaign reach its goal.  A busload of students arriving from a different school to help with a campaign - now that’s a little unusual! The students of Yeshivat Mekor Chaim (YMC), however, did not think twice when presented with the opportunity to spend some time during their day making phone calls for the Ohr Chadash Academy (OCA) 500k campaign on November 25. YMC was excited about our participating in OCA’s campaign.

It was a great opportunity for our students to have hands-on experience engaging in important chesed by helping to raise needed tzedaka funds. Equally important YMC appreciated the opportunity to show hakoras hatov to OCA where many of our students developed their foundation in learning. YMC students were greeted by the OCA administration and got straight to work making phone calls and entering donations.  In their visit to OCA the YMC boys successfully solicited many donations and were an important part of the campaign. 

An added bonus for alumni was seeing some of their former teachers and classmates who were all thrilled to see them.  It was a wonderful afternoon of collaboration and YMC looks forward to engaging in other chesed opportunities in the community throughout the year.